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Injured After an Accident? Talk to a Slip and Fall Lawyer

Did you suffer an injury from a slip and fall? Trips, slips, falls, and other accidents like this don’t just happen. In many cases, these slip and falls are the result of negligence. If you believe a dangerous condition caused your fall, then it’s important to contact a slip and fall lawyer.

Talking to a slip and falls attorney can give you valuable insight into your rights after one of these incidents. The lawyers at RG Personal Injury Law have over 30 years of experience in investigating these cases. We can gather and analyze evidence to determine who is at fault and how much you should be compensated for your injuries.

If you have been hurt because of a slip and fall, you shouldn’t wait to get counsel. You have legal options to consider. Before we negotiate your compensation, our team of lawyers will also look at medical history, damages, and other possibilities to recuperate injury costs.

Need help with your slip and fall claim? Talk to the attorneys at RG Personal Injury Law at 614-221-3750.

How We Handle Slip and Fall cases

When you have an experienced attorney with years of experience in slip and fall accidents, you don’t have to worry about investigating evidence, talking to insurance lawyers, or filing paperwork. Every slip and fall case needs support. Companies often have large insurance companies and multiple lawyers on their side. That’s why it’s so important to talk to a lawyer first about your case. Take a look at our process:
  1. Our relationship with a client is the most important part. We start every claim by learning about you and the accident, gathering all the critical facts and circumstances about your injury.
  2. We’ll handle the investigation and gather further evidence. This may include more photographic evidence, requesting files from insurance companies, obtaining hospital records, and looking at police reports.
  3. Every step of the way, we keep clients informed as we progress your case. Discussions may begin with insurance companies. We’ll build your case to get the ultimate compensation.

When negligence contributes to your case, we have all the resources to investigate and verify your claims so that you’re able to get the maximum compensation. If you’re not sure whether your claim qualifies for a slip and fall claim, it’s easy to call us at 614-221-3750 or contact us online.

Types of Slip and Fall Cases

Most of the cases we handle involve a person who fell down inside of a business, such as a shopping mall, restaurant, nightclub, or grocery store. However, there are many ways that slip and fall happen, and it’s not always so simple.

Suffering an injury on public or private property due to negligence of the owner, employee, or operator of the establishment could lead to major compensation for your medical bills and injuries.

These are a few of the slip-and-fall cases we have won in the past. Do you have a similar claim? We’re ready to organize the details into evidence and build the best case for your claim.

Slip and Fall at a Restaurant

One of the most common incidents we see as slip-and-fall lawyers is an accident at a restaurant. Due to the machinery, set up, and nature of restaurants, there are always wet floors and hazards, particularly for employees. If you are out for a nice dinner and suddenly find yourself in the hospital after a fall at a restaurant, you should talk to a lawyer as soon as possible. In many cases, corporate-owned restaurants have insurance and lawyers to diminish your claims. We’ll help you get the maximum compensation.

Slip and Fall at Work

Many employers don’t realize the warnings and hazards for employees until it’s too late. If you fall on the job, it’s important that you get your own representation, especially if your employer is downplaying the fall and injury. You should seek medical attention for any injuries and keep a record of what happened, as this will help a slip-and-fall accident attorney build a winning case.

Slip and Fall at School

Have you or your child fallen at school? Schools must maintain safe premises for all. School districts often have problems properly maintaining their buildings and floors, which lead to accidents. If you feel a school has negligently caused your slip and fall, then the school district may be liable for compensation. However, these cases typically involve multiple lawyers, and you’ll need to prove gross negligence or malicious conduct in some cases.

Slip and Fall in a Parking Lot or on a Sidewalk

Walking or running down the sidewalk or heading out to your car after a shopping trip should not end in a slip and fall. However, when sidewalks and parking lots are poorly maintained, it could lead to a serious fall. If you were injured during a fall outside on someone else’s property, talk to slip and fall accident lawyers. Your incident may qualify for compensation.

Slip and Fall Due to Ice

When winter rolls around, snow, sleet, hail, and ice can increase the chances of a fall, especially on public walkways, sidewalks, stairs, and more. If you slipped and fell because of these weather conditions that were not properly addressed by the place of business, person, city, or county, then you may have a case.

Slip and Fall at a Store

Businesses have a responsibility to keep their stores safe and properly maintained. Retail and grocery stores are common places where slip and falls occur. These cases can be complicated and involve several lawyers, as well as insurance companies. You’ll need experienced representation on your side to ensure that your case is heard.

Causes of Slip and Fall Accidents

These types of slips and falls don’t cover everything that can occur. These accidents arise from all sorts of conditions. Here are some of the common reasons for slip and fall incidents:

  • Liquid or food spilled on the floor
  • Water tracked in from the outside
  • Recently mopped floors
  • Snow, ice, or sleet
  • Stairs that don’t have handrails
  • Cracks, potholes, and uneven sidewalks
  • Leaks causing wet floors
  • Loose carpets, rugs, or mats
  • Hazards in the way of traffic

If you were hurt as a result of any of these, please contact a slip and fall accident law firm immediately.

Did You Slip and Fall at a Major Business?

Each year, businesses like Walmart, settle a number of slip-and-fall cases with amounts ranging from $50,000 to over $300,000 in some cases. The type of case and negligence proven is important to determine your claim.

Because these larger corporate businesses have lawyers of their own, you should never file your lawsuit without representation. You may lose compensation if you’re not able to keep up with the paperwork and legal filings required to pursue your case.

In addition, we know how to communicate with legal teams at large corporations and ensure that your case is heard.

If you were injured at a major business, you’ll want to contact a slip and falls attorney as soon as possible. In cases where a business has so many stores, slips and falls are common, and they’ll likely have go-to defenses. You should never accept a small settlement without a lawyer to help you negotiate. These large businesses are used to these claims and have become extremely adept at denying liability. This is why you don’t want to take on a business and its attorneys by yourself.

One of the significant issues that make it difficult to prove a claim is an access to evidence. Do you know how to ensure that you gain access to security footage where you fell? How do you get witness statements from employees at the business? You’ll need this type of evidence to prove that there was a hazard at the store that led to your slip and fall.

In many cases, the footage is deleted in the normal course of business, which is why your legal team must act fast and with the proper legal paperwork to ensure that all evidence is collected. When you hire a slip-and-fall attorney, you’ll have legal representation. We’ll immediately send a letter to prevent the deletion of evidence and improve the chances of obtaining useful evidence in court.

This is only one example of what can stand in the way of even the most cut-and-dry case. These companies often have strategies to prevent larger settlements and financial compensation, even when footage clearly shows negligence. You’ll need to work with a lawyer who has years of experience to get the most from your case.

Compensation for
Slip and Fall Injuries

Many injuries come from slip-and-fall accidents. Some of the worst of these injuries include:

  • Lacerations
  • Broken bones
  • Dislocated joints
  • Muscle, ligament, and tendon sprains
  • Back and neck injuries, such as a herniated or slipped disc
  • Concussions or even more serious brain injuries
  • Spinal cord injuries


You must be able to prove that these injuries were the result of a fall on the owner’s property. As long as you were on the property legally and a dangerous condition was present, then the property owner is liable for knowing about the condition and failing to address it before someone is hurt.

Time to File Your Slip and
Fall Lawsuit

Filing a claim puts pressure on the other party to settle and compensate you for your injuries. However, insurers often want to settle for lawyer amounts and will quickly push a settlement forward. If you’re willing to go to trial, you may have more leverage with a legal team who can negotiate higher compensation.

R & G Personal Injury Lawyers has handled thousands of cases since 1981 with a favorable result for our clients. There are NO FEES from us unless you get paid. Our job is to get top dollar for the injuries sustained.

The average person can expect to be in an accident several times in their lifetime. Choosing the right personal injury lawyer to protect your rights can seriously affect your financial future as well as the quality of care you receive after a motor vehicle accident. We know it is not an easy decision. We know our experience of over 40 years matters; it is all about protecting our clients’ rights. We are professional in every step of your claim as we methodically piece together every aspect of your case. We are the legal team to represent you.

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