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Rideshare Accident Attorney

Uber, Lyft, and Rideshare Accident Attorneys Here to Defend You

It’s time to get justice for all rideshare accident survivors. If you need a tough rideshare accident attorney, contact us today and tell us about your case. We’d be happy to help you file a claim. 

A recent report found that rideshare services account for 3 percent of all increases in traffic fatalities, which comes to about 1,000 deaths per day. Uber rides led to 107 deaths in 2018. Millions of people hire rideshare services every day from Uber, Lyft, and many other new companies. While you may want to hire a car accident lawyer, it’s also important to hire someone with experience in rideshare accidents.

That’s where we come in. We are experienced rideshare claim lawyers with over 40 years of experience practicing personal injury law in Ohio and North Carolina.

Looking for a 'Rideshare Car Accident
Attorney Near Me'?

If you have been in search of an auto accident lawyer to help with your rideshare lawsuit, we’re here to provide you with a full case evaluation, excellent counsel, a research team, legal assets, trial experience, and skilled negotiators to go against high-powered Uber attorneys. These cases often require the help of the best auto accident lawyers as they can provide more insight into how traffic laws were broken, resulting in further negligence. This could lead to more damages awarded in your case.

Can You Sue Uber or Lyft for a Rideshare Accident?

It’s a challenge to bring any lawsuit against a large corporation, but these companies must be held legally responsible for accidents caused by their drivers. This means that you can sue any rideshare company for an accident that resulted in your losses, such as injuries that led to mounting medical bills and wage losses.

In some cases, however, who to sue depends on whether the driver purchased insurance coverage through the company, according to their policies. If another vehicle driver is actually responsible for the accident, then their insurance company would cover damages.

What Happens If You Get in a Rideshare Accident?

After any accident, the first step is to make sure everyone is safe and gets medical attention. You’ll want to document as much as you can on the scene of the accident, including photos, videos, and witness statements. The police should also be called so that you can file a report.

Hire an Auto Accident Lawyer Near Me

After this, you’ll want to talk to a car crash lawyer. As experts in auto accident law, rideshare accidents, and negligence, our automobile accident attorneys are incredible at negotiating and litigating trials for clients.

What Damages Can You Get From Rideshare Car Accidents

Most rideshare accidents resulting in injuries, especially debilitating ones, are eligible for damages if negligence can be proven. Damages include medical bills, wage losses, ongoing wage losses, pain and suffering, and more.

Both Lyft and Uber have insurance policies that cover up to about $1 million in damages, but there are also cases where you have to go through the driver’s personal insurance company. Depending on the parameters of your case, you may be able to recover damages to match the severity of your injuries and losses experienced from the rideshare accident.

In addition, these ridesharing company lawsuits are often difficult to bring before a judge without proper legal counsel. This is because ridesharing companies define drivers as independent contractors and don’t claim any liability beyond what their policy will cover. It’s important to speak to automobile accident lawyers and understand all of your options in these cases.

These are the best car crash lawyers who can show that negligence caused your injuries and could even put the lives of others in danger as well. Proving these cases is easier when you have gathered enough evidence to prove your case, but with the best auto accident attorney by your side, you have the legal support of a full team. We’re able to locate witnesses, look at driver history, and pull other records that would support your claim.

When to Contact a Rideshare Vehicle Accident Attorney

After you have sought medical attention, you should immediately talk to car accident injury lawyers. At our law firm, we provide a full case evaluation to understand the facts of your case. We’ll immediately let you know what your rideshare accident case is worth and how we’d like to proceed to get you financial compensation.

The statute of limitations is also important to remember. You only have a limited time from the date of the accident to prove negligence. It gets more difficult to prove the longer you wait after the accident.

Talk to an Uber or Lyft Car Wreck Lawyer Today

If you believe you have a case or if someone you know has been injured due to a rideshare accident, then it’s crucial to speak to a rideshare auto accident attorney as soon as possible. With proper evidence, experienced litigation, insurance negotiation, and legal expertise in rideshare laws, we’re the best option to get justice and financial compensation.

We look forward to serving you and hearing about your case. Let us evaluate your rideshare case and help your family repair it after such a difficult time. Our lawyers are ready to answer any questions regarding your case and state law.

Call us at 614-221-3750

Talk to a Rideshare Accident Attorney

In the US, rideshare vehicles contribute to 1,000 car accident deaths. Together, we are fighting to get justice and financial help for victims.

As more ridesharing companies pop up, the number of accidents continues to rise for Uber and Lyft. All over the US, riders have experienced terrible injuries and even deaths involving ridesharing. While these companies provide incredible tools to get around town, rideshare drivers spend many hours behind the wheel, which increases the chances of being involved in a serious accident.

Have you or a loved one been involved in a ridesharing accident? Many riders have received financial compensation after talking to a rideshare accident attorney. With over 40 years of experience in personal injury and car accident cases, our legal team has the expertise and resources to help you win your case.

Our Lyft and Uber accident lawyers will review your case, talk with you about options, and show you how much your ridesharing accident case could be worth.

Can You Sue for Lyft and Uber Accidents?

While most riders experience ridesharing apps as intended, many others have experienced terrible accidents and even harassment from drivers. Uber and Lyft accidents are incredibly dangerous, as passengers may not realize how long a driver has been operating a vehicle. Over time, drivers may exert themselves, which has led to mistakes and car wrecks.

In order to bring a claim against a ridesharing company like Uber or Lyft, you’ll need to show evidence of your claim. For car accidents, that means sharing all photos, videos, statements, and other documentation from the day of the wreck, as well as any other communication with Uber, Lyft, the driver, and insurance companies.

Common Causes of Ridesharing Accidents

Uber and Lyft hire drivers with clean driving records, but they don’t have any kind of skills test. You simply need a license, car, and auto insurance to get started with the app.

Ridesharing accidents happen due to negligence and carelessness. Drivers may also work for several hours, leading to fatigue. Some of the common reasons for car crashes with Uber or Lyft include:

  • Reckless driving
  • Driving under the influence
  • Parking unsafely
  • Not following local traffic laws
  • Fatigue from driving too many hours
  • Hitting pedestrians or even passengers waiting for rides
  • Distracted driving


If you believe that you were in a car accident due to your driver’s negligence, you may be able to file a claim. One of the best ways to see if you have a case is to share your case with a lawyer. A ridesharing accident attorney can evaluate your case and let you know what evidence you’ll need to support your claim, as well as how much financial compensation you may be owed.

How to Hire a Ridesharing Accident Attorney

You should call a personal injury attorney who specializes in Uber and Lyft accidents. Working with a law firm like RG means that you’ll have a full legal team who has brought several car accident cases to court.

It’s important to speak with a ridesharing accident lawyer because you may not realize that you have a case, simply because you were not kept informed of what happened after the accident. You may not have access to these files kept by Uber or Lyft. Lawyers can submit the correct filings and pursue evidence, including documentation that would help your case.

Take the Next Step: Ridesharing Accident Case Review

At our law firm, we understand that being in a ridesharing accident is a scary experience. Car wrecks with these drivers can lead to traumatic experiences, and in some cases, you may have even experienced a wrongful death due to the driver’s negligence. In many cases, insurance companies will offer a settlement, but you may not be getting the full amount necessary to cover your medical bills and other costs from the accident.

If the process of going to court for your claim intimidates you, then keep it straightforward by working with a lawyer who understands the law and how to negotiate with ridesharing companies and insurance claims. We’ll use our proven process and legal expertise to fight for your case. It’s how we’ve gotten the best results for our clients for over 40 years.


R & G Personal Injury Lawyers has handled thousands of cases since 1981 with a favorable result for our clients. There are NO FEES from us unless you get paid. Our job is to get top dollar for the injuries sustained.

The average person can expect to be in an accident several times in their lifetime. Choosing the right personal injury lawyer to protect your rights can seriously affect your financial future as well as the quality of care you receive after a motor vehicle accident. We know it is not an easy decision. We know our experience of over 40 years matters; it is all about protecting our clients’ rights. We are professional in every step of your claim as we methodically piece together every aspect of your case. We are the legal team to represent you.

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